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The best thing you can do these days is purchase lift tickets early(very early) or buy an IKON pass in the spring before the first deadline! Your planning will be rewarded with the best prices on lift tickets. Let’s show you how to get the best deal!

Two Ways to Save on Lift Tickets

Vacation Packages with Lift Tickets

Purchase your package early directly from the Ski Resort you want to visit. The best sales start in late spring and early summer when the last thing on your mind is a ski vacation. But it’s also the best time to get the best price on your entire vacation including lift tickets. After July the prices will start going up. Yeah, I know it’s early but you need to plan if you want to save. Set a calendar reminder to get the ball rolling. The best way to save is to book directly through the resorts central reservations number on their website or buy them online from the resort.

Advanced Purchase Lift Tickets

If you don’t need an entire package, lift tickets, lodging, rentals and everything in between, most resorts will also have advanced purchase lift ticket deals. Basically if you book your tickets far enough in advance you get a nice discount on lift tickets but you need to buy them AT LEAST 7 days in advance to get the discount in most cases. Some resorts it could be further out. Call the resort directly or buy them online. Just make sure you do it before the 7 to 10 day cutoff. The earlier you do this the better. Also remember that lift tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable(you can’t give unused tickets to anyone). Once you buy a lift ticket, they are yours, no exceptions. If offered, purchase trip insurance on your tickets. See below.

Trip Insurance

If there is an option to buy trip insurance, BUY IT! It’s there for a reason. If you don’t buy it you don’t get a refund if something happens during your trip(or before for that matter). You’d be surprised how often I see people that don’t have insurance on their trip and don’t get anything back. Protect your trip and get the insurance.

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way myself and lost $1300 on airline tickets. Now for every airplane ticket and every vacation I go on I get trip insurance. No question. Vacations can be expensive. Be sure you protect it in case things go sideways. And the insurance isn’t very expensive, usually 5%-6% of the cost of your trip.

So hopefully this will help you get the best price on lift tickets. This will work for pretty much most major ski resorts out there so it is a pretty universal way to save on lift tickets at any ski resort. Enjoy your next discounted ski vacation!

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