The Fischer RCS Carbonlite Skate Boot is Fischer’s top-of-the-line skate ski offering, specifically designed to optimize racing performance. The boot is constructed for maximum power transfer while offering optimal customizable comfort. Fischer’s Race Frame Technology keeps feet as fixed in place as possible to minimize movement that would reduce power transfer, while durable, seamless, and waterproof construction keeps feet comfortable for enhanced performance. The boot’s Race Fit features a narrower last and reduced volume to further minimize movement, and the World Cup Carbon Crosslink and Cuff add torsional resistance so power goes straight to the ski. You can customize the fit and canting of the boot thanks to the customizable heel cap that can be heat-molded to your foot, and the dual-sided canting dials on each boot with two settings that enable medial, lateral and up to 4 mm of height adjustments. The hook-and-loop cuff strap and stretch-free ratchet buckle instep strap also help hold your foot in place and control flex for excellent power transfer. You can quickly and easily slide on and close up the boot thanks to the entry loop, wide-opening design, and zippered closure. The zippered closure is sealed, and along with the Triple F waterproof membrane, ensures your feet stay dry. The Triple F membrane is also breathable and quick-drying so your feet stay comfortable when you’re engaging in high-intensity efforts. As you work and build heat, the Thermo insole works to contain it, thanks to a fleecy top layer and aluminum-lined lower layer. The outside of the boot has a Turnamic Race Skate sole, which offers excellent flex and torsional stiffness at a very light weight. Everything about this boot works together to enhance your comfort and optimize your performance, and its durable construction and features that support longevity will keep you powering through many racing seasons.